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Hints on Entering Information on Forms

  • To write your responses on a form, place the cursor in a window, click on it, then enter as much text as you like. The window will automatically scroll and make your text disappear from view. This is O.K., but if it bothers you, you can keep your answer visible by pressing return when a line of your text reaches the right border of the window. You can use the scrollbars at the bottom and right of a window to scroll through what you have written.
  • You can use your mouse to move around in the window.
  • To delete text, position the cursor directly after the text you want to delete, click, and then press the backspace/delete key.
  • To insert text, position the cursor at the desired location, click, and then begin typing.

To return to the page where you were working when you chose this link, use the "back" button of your browser. If you jump to another page from here you may lose the information you've already entered in the form.

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This page was created by John Lloyd.
It was borrowed and modified by Raymond C. Jones.