Strategies for Reading Comprehension
Comparison-Contrast Charts


Comparison-Contrast Charts do just about what you'd expect them to with a name like that: they're useful for looking a two quantities and determining in what ways they are similar and in what ways they are different. The chart pictured here is one way to approach this comparison. First you look at the similarities. Then you consider the differences, making sure to indicate on what criteria you are drawing out the dissimilarities.

There are certainly many ways to have students compare things and to represent that comparison visually. Even more well-known than the comparison-contrast chart is the Venn Diagram. The Venn diagram is also very useful, as long as we keep in mind that the real value of a Venn is in the DOING of it...they work best when we have students, not teachers, determining what the relevant similarities and differences are between two or three concepts, people, places, or ideas. The ReadingQuest.org website offers several types of comparison-contrast charts and Venn diagrams, which can be downloaded and printed out from the links below.

Download and Print:

comparison-contrast example


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