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Frameworks for Choosing Comprehension Strategies

 NCSS Skills
 Writing Criteria


 Writing/Composition Criteria
 Essential Skills
 Civic Action Skills
 1990 Skills

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One framework for grouping strategies emerges from research in cognitive psychology. Its focus is on how students engage with content before reading, what they're doing during reading, and how they reflect back on it.


NCSS Essential Skills
The skills deemed essential by the National Council for the Social Studies in 1994 can provide a categorical framework for thinking about which strategies students ought to engage in depending upon what skills performances are desired. This framework has been left blank so that you can fill it in with the strategies you deem appropriate.


Writing & Composition Criteria
In many states, writing tests have been instituted. Across the country, there are common and basic criteria used in assessing student writing. This framework looks at how various strategies can assist students in sharpening their skills and understanding regarding (1) main idea development, (2) organization, (3) elaboration and detail, and (4) coherence.


Quiz on the Foundations and Premises
Now that you've learned about the premises of comprehension strategy use, and seen a couple of useful frameworks for thinking about when to use the strategies, are you ready for a quick online quiz? This is simply a check of what you know up to this point; only you will get the results, which will be available as soon as you finish the test. Once you get your results and leave the quiz area, nobody else will know how you scored. Go ahead. Give it a try.


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